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In 2005 we started the multisport team TeamPuls.nu. The team has had different members over the years, but Tobias Kjell was the team captain until 2006. We also had grand plans to attend the Multisport World Championships in Hemavan in 2006, but that was cancelled due to injury problems.

Since then we have been low on the team, although we tried to make a new effort on C2 in 2007, but once again it was cancelled due to injury problems. At the moment the team is inactive due to injury problems, but we promise to show our skills later!Result list: 2005 Stockholm Winter Adventure Race – SWAR the team came in 2nd place. TietoEnator – here they fought their way to a 3rd place.

C2 there was an honorable 7th place (3rd in the prologue at Gröna Lund!!). Fantastic considering that here we competed against the entire Swedish elite as well as parts of the world elite.