Who are we

Why Pulse

Why pulse!

Great experience

We have had the great privilege of working on this full-time since its inception in 2001. The wide variety of events we have carried out, both in terms of group size and content, has given us a broad knowledge of how to carry out events. We already know at the design stage what can be done and how it will be done. Something that gives you greater security and also a better chance of minimising unforeseen expenses.

Always Pulse Guides

When you order an event from Puls, it is always guides or instructors from Puls who also carry out the event. This means that from the moment you book us until the moment we leave you, you will have met only Pulse guides. All to ensure quality, and that what is agreed is what is finally delivered.


From day one, we at Puls decided to have a high quality mindset that would permeate the entire business. From the knowledge and conduct of our guides to compliance with the laws and regulations that apply to us as activity organisers. I.e. that you will always meet a knowledgeable and experienced Puls guide with uniform attire, the best possible equipment, in a place where local landowners or equivalent are aware of our presence.
Our keywords: knowledge – experience – hospitality


Our knowledge of the various adventures we undertake comes from a wealth of leisure time adventures, as well as training and development in the various subjects. In order to maintain a high level of safety and quality during the events, all Pulse guides have documented training for what is to be performed, including ABC-HLR Certificate (First Aid of the Red Cross)!


Having documented knowledge is a basic requirement, but it must be built on with experience.
For example. that our kayak guides are not only certified kayak instructors, but have also done longer expeditions or perhaps paddled for several years both before and after their certification. This gives them a wealth of experience to draw on, which in turn creates a basic level of security for you as a customer! Experiences that they then share with you no matter what type of event we perform.


But what would all the training and experience be worth if our guides can’t convey the experience and the right feeling during the event. That’s why we are very keen to find guides with innate “people skills”. A typical Puls guide provides reassurance through knowledge, confidence through experience and is a natural inspiration = hospitality.