About Puls

Our Suppliers


As we have extremely high wear and tear on our clothes and the equipment we use, we have high demands on durability, comfort and design.

We are very happy and proud to have Jeep as our company cars. Distinguishing features are great comfort, great off-road performance and a look that reinforces our overall adventure profile. Never before has it been so much fun to go out on the daily events that we perform as now.

On the scooter side, we exclusively use Lynx 4-stroke scooters, but we are also eagerly awaiting the electric scooters they have in the pipeline.

On the clothing side, we have chosen Haglöfs. Here, we fell for their stylish design and Nordic fit combined with durable materials and versatile solutions. In addition, they are very nice and professional to deal with.

Lundhags equips us with their fantastic boots and all the cross-country skating equipment. For example, the new Lundhags EXA skates have attracted a lot of attention during our skating tours, with lots of praise from the participants.

From C2 we buy all climbing equipment and headlamps from Petzl for our high altitude course.

The kayaks come exclusively from Kajaktiv of the brand Prijon. Early on, we were attracted to the unspoiled material HTP and its high level of detail.


We can gladly recommend the above suppliers and their products