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A common misconception is that participants are insured through the activity organiser’s insurance company during a corporate activity. This is not the case!

It is always the client company’s insurance that covers the employee during his or her work. I.e. if the company orders an activity for its employees, the insurance of the ordering company also covers its employees, even if someone else is carrying out the event! Either through the company’s group insurance for its employees, or if there is individual insurance. This is often not a problem in Sweden, as most companies have group insurance for their employees!

All risk insurance

The exception is when performing so-called high-risk sports. These are almost always excluded in group or individual policies. Therefore, Puls has taken out an all-risk insurance policy for these occasions, which means that participants are always insured when you carry out these events with us. High-risk sports include activities such as white water rafting, climbing, skydiving, etc.

Liability insurance

We also have a s. k. Liability insurance. It comes into force if we can be considered to have acted negligently in any way.

Travel Guarantee Act

Organisers of group tours that include board, lodging, travel and guiding are required to have a travel guarantee issued in accordance with the Travel Guarantee Act.

We have that at Puls!