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1 hour


4 - 300 participants


Time Out is a fun, entertaining and intense indoor team building activity that takes place in a meeting or conference room. Each team is divided into groups of 6 people and is given a table with chairs around it which becomes their "base" during the activity. Participants will then be challenged on their tastes and smells as well as their intelligence and creativity at a number of stations around the venue. Pretty soon you will realise that the problems are many and there are both easy and very difficult tasks to choose from. Prioritising, structuring and collaborating is the solution, but time is ticking and is it enough? Lots of laughter and crazy antics are promised during the hour that the group has to try to solve all the problems and puzzles in Time Out. The activity is carried out indoors, room costs may apply.

Price excl 25% VAT:
Starting fee 4 500kr + 350kr/person

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