Rent Stratus 72


All of Sweden


1-3 days


72 seated/tent


The Stratus 72 event tent is our original and very popular tent for all kinds of activities, summer and winter.

The Stratus 72 has become the first choice for a variety of year-round activities due to its sturdy construction, easy handling and spaciousness. It can be seen in many public contexts, such as the Nordic World Ski Championships and the Melodifestivalen.

It's a great way to add that extra touch to weddings, product launches, entertainment, stylish garden parties, romantic evening parties and more.

In addition, several Stratus 72 event booths can be linked together to form many different formations depending on the type of event - large corporate parties, wedding receptions, conferences and exhibitions, concerts, etc.

Stratus 72 is designed so that the canvas can be folded up into a brim, like a giant hat, providing air circulation and shade on hot days. This means an even larger, sheltered space for serving, entertaining or exhibiting.

With the banner fully or partially raised, you can see the merchandise and everything going on inside the tent, which attracts guests and visitors to come and participate.

Price excl 25% VAT:
From 25 000kr + mileage allowance 70kr/mile

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